Group Bookings FAQ's

How many staterooms do I need to reserve in order to be a group?

Eight (8) staterooms are required (based on double occupancy) to be considered a group.

Tour Conductor Program.

Complimentary Tour Conductor berth is subject to change, dependent on promotions applied to the group at a guest level.

What are the benefits of group bookings?
We do offer a cruise credit for every 8 stateroom (with a minimum of 16 guests) that sail with your group. The cruise credit will be shown as a discount of the final amount due by your group. Remove can be used towards the base cost of one person’s fare in your group, or spread across one or more fares in your group. (We would advise not to discount across the whole group as if you do not sell all staterooms you are at a risk of loosing out). The discount will be calculated on the lowest category of room on your group which you have the most of.
Can you include flight arrangements, accommodation and transfers for our group?
Our specialist agents can help you with all of the above.
Are all your rates applicable to groups?
W, X,Y and Z guarantee price codes are not applicable to groups along with ISO and Nett rates.
Do all of my group guests need to reserve the same stateroom category?
We recognise that everyone has different budgets, wants and needs. Guests can reserve any stateroom category they would prefer. Please note, GTY categories are not combinable with Group allocations.
What types of activities can you accommodate for my group?
We can arrange all types of activities for your group, from scavenger hunts to private shore excursions, karaoke, trivia challenges, cocktail parties, private dinners or even time at our rock climbing wall or a game of Mini Golf  for some friendly competition. You name it and we will do our best to accommodate.
Can my group get a private shore excursion?
Yes, we can arrange for private shore excursions for your group. We can also customize shore excursions to meet your groups’ needs. Please email with your request; we will work with our ground handlers to enquire about the possibility of customizing a shore excursion (private buses, private vessel etc). Please note that the price of the shore excursion is subject to change from the published price.
How do I book group golf tee times?
Once the group booking is held for 16 guests or more, golf tournament arrangements can be requested using the e-mail address:  It is important to note that availability depends on the golf courses and that prices are subject to change.
Can my group make reservations for speciality dining, shore excursions and pre-cruise planning items?
Yes, we are able to assist you in arranging a number of items prior to your sailing. Please note these requests should be made at time of booking and no later than 70 days prior to your sailing date. In addition, certain items are available to pre-book or reserve via our website using the individual reservation number for your guest.
Do we offer any onboard amenities for group guests?
We do offer GAP (Group Amenity Plus Program) on selected sailings. This enables you to offer OBC (onboard credit) to your guests, we also offer a selection of other amenities.
Can we pay separately or do we have to all pay with one credit card?
The choice is up to you. You can pay on one card or the individual guests can provide their payment information.
How will our dining be handled?
We will customise your dining arrangements based on the needs of your group. Some groups prefer to dine together at the same dinner seating and others want their individual guests to decide on their dining. The choice is up to your guest. If you require a set seating plan for your group, then all guests in the group must pre pay their gratuities in order for us to try and organise this.   
Is there a fee for reserving space for a private gathering for my group?
For small to large groups, we offer complimentary use of our state-of-the-art conference rooms, lounges and theatres for your group, please contacted our Group Specialists who will work closely with you to choose the right venue for your needs. Charges may apply for services and technical support.
What are the deposit requirements?
Full deposits of £150 / €165 per person are due as full legal names are added onto your group allocation. A full non refundable deposit of £300 / €330 per stateroom is required to secure allocated staterooms, unnamed triples, quads, suites and accessible staterooms.

All family staterooms require minimum of five (5) legal names to secure at £150 / €165 per person. Minimum occupancy applies to certain stateroom categories. As names are added to your group an invoice will be generated quoting deposits due. Please be advised that Corporate and Incentive groups follow a separate payment and cancellation schedule - please contact us so we can advise further.
When is the final payment due?
Final invoices will be sent 70 days prior to sailing, at which time any queries must be highlighted in order to make full payment no later than 57 days prior to sailing. Within 56 days of sailing, any changes to the existing group that occur an additional cost must be paid in full at the time of the change. A full remitence of the final payment as to how it should be allocated is required.
Can I make reservations for my group on your website?
Reservations for your groups can be made by calling +44(0)844 5717567 or email, as this feature is not supported by our website at this time. 
Can I make payment on your website?
Payments for groups can be made by calling our finance team on +44(0)1932 834460 (select option 1), as this feature is not supported by our website at the time. They are here to assist you 9.00am to 5.30pm GMT Monday thru Friday.