Crown & Anchor Online

How do I get access to the Crown & Anchor Society Online?
If you've cruised with Royal Caribbean International at least once before, you can enrol in the Crown & Anchor Society online and get your membership number - it's complimentary!

If you're already a Crown & Anchor Society member, you can use your membership number to activate your existing account online and take full advantage of the Crown & Anchor section of the website.

Once you're enrolled or activated online, you'll have access to all the members-only sections of Crown & Anchor Online.

You must first activate your account in order to see all areas of the website.  You will be asked to enter your membership number, and then you create your own user name and password. Please note that if you already have a 'My Cruises' account then your user name and password must be identical.  Please note that the email address has to be unique for each member therefore it is not possible for a couple to both activate their account using the same email address.  If you wish to add a family member they must be under 18 years old.