Disembarking at the End of Your Cruise

What do I do with my luggage?
Your luggage – with the exception of your hand-luggage – will need to be placed outside your stateroom the night before departure. Generally, by 12:00 midnight. Please consult your daily 'Cruise Compass' guide for the exact time. On the day of departure, you will claim your luggage from the baggage claim area of the pier terminal.
Is there anything I need to do in the stateroom before I leave?
We ask our guests to check all around the stateroom, wardrobe, drawers and bathroom for any articles left behind. Then bid your stateroom adieu and tell it you'll be back on board really soon.
How can I collect my on board spirits purchases?
Spirits purchases made on board or onshore will be delivered to your stateroom on the last night of the cruise.
When and how can I disembark?
The Cruise Director will give detailed instructions about clearing customs and immigration during the departure talk on the last day of the cruise. We strongly recommend that you attend this important and informative talk; you can also view this talk on your stateroom TV.

Once the ship has received proper clearance from the port, disembarkation can begin. Specific disembarkation details will be delivered to you on the ship.

Please Note: All passengers will be expected to have disembarked the vessel within three hours of the start time of the disembarkation process. For the exact timings that apply to your sailing, please contact your travel agent or call us directly on 08444 725 247.