Online Check In

What are the benefits of completing the Online Check In?
By completing the online check in, it will save you time at the pier as you will not have to fill out any boarding documents. This will therefore speed up your boarding experience.

We advise you to fill in as many sections of the Online Check-In as soon as you have made your booking, especially the personal details as this will allow us to contact you with information regarding your booking or sailing
if needed. You can save the details and return at a later date if you need to update anything which may have changed, but the personal data is very important for us to have ASAP.
What do I need in order to complete the Online Check-In process?
In order to complete Online Check-In successfully, you will need the following:

 Personal Information for each guest you are checking in online
 Passport information for each guest you are checking in online
 Crown & Anchor Society Membership Number (if you are a member)
 Onward Travel Plans (if any)
 Onboard Expense Account Information (i.e. credit card details)

You will need to establish your Onboard Account, which you can set up against a credit card or select cash payment when onboard
What if I can't access the Online Check-In or I am having problems completing it?
You will find the link to go to Online Check-in at the foot of our home page under the 'Already Booked' section.

To access Online Check-In for your booking you will need the following:
Your Royal Caribbean Reservation ID, which can be found on your confirmation invoice or by contacting your travel agent.
The surname of the guest listed first on your booking (please remember if you have a double barrelled surname we can not accept hyphens on our system, so please leave just a space between the two names).
The date that your ship sails (not the date you may leave the UK on a flight to take your cruise).
The name of your ship.

Once in the section, you will find a handy tutorial to help you complete the process, but we recommend you please open the below guide and use this to refer to in case you come across any problems.

If you are having trouble completing the Online Check-In and you can not find the answer in the guide below, you can call us on 0844-4932073 (UK). Please note that this number can only be used for technical problems with the Online Check-In process.

Online Check-In Guide Sept 11
What is the deadline for completing my Online Check In?
The Online check in has to be completed outside of 3 days before the sailing date.

Any guests who have not completed the online check in outside of 3 days before sailing will need to fill in the necessary boarding documents at the pier.
What documents will I need to present at the pier if I have completed the Online Check-In process?
You will need to present:
 SetSail Pass
 Passport for each guest
 Credit Card used for your Onboard Expense Account