Booking or Amending a Shore Excursion

When and how can I purchase Shore & Land excursions?
We offer shore excursions for you to enjoy in every port of call we visit, and often at the end of the cruise when you disembark, which will drop you at the airport or city centre when it is finished. Shore excursions can be available from approximately 6 months before your sail date and can be pre-booked up until 4 days before your cruise. After this point, you must then wait until you board to book your tours. Sometimes the excursions are not available until nearer your cruise than 6 months, so we advise to check back at regular intervals.

We no longer send out details of the shore excursions in a booklet, but full details are available for viewing or download by clicking on Before You Board and then Shore & Land Excursions from the Tabs at the top of this page. From here you can download the brochure and log in to your reservation to book tours. You will find details of the tours themselves, the timings and pricing.

Please remember, the only way to see exactly what tours are available for your sailing, is by logging in to your reservation to view the tours online, or by downloading the brochure for your ship and sail date. If you simply browse by port, you may see details of tours which are not available on your sailing.

If you have pre-booked your tours, the tickets will be delivered to your stateroom on the day of boarding. When you board, you can also book excursions at the Explorations desk, or through your interactive stateroom television.
If I am having problems booking Shore Excursions online can I book them over the phone?
If you are having problems booking the shore excursions online then you can do this over the phone with our Shore Excursions Team by calling 0844 472 5247. The line will be open Monday-Friday 8.30am - 6pm and Saturday 9am-5pm. Please note payment will have to be made by card at the time of booking. Please remember that tours cannot be booked once within 4 days of sailing.
I am in the Shop For Or Modify Excursions Now section of the site. Why can't I see some of the Shore & Land Excursions that I saw while I was browsing?
While browsing, you will be able to see all the Shore & Land Excursions that are offered in that port of call. However, some excursions may not be available on the dates of your specific sailing. In order to view the excursions that apply to your sailing date, you will need to choose the Shop For Or Modify Excursions Now option and enter the appropriate information.
I did not receive an e-mail confirmation when I reserved my Shore & Land Excursions. How can I confirm that Royal Caribbean processed my reservation?
If you did not receive an e-mail confirmation, you may return to this site at any time to confirm your Shore & Land Excursion reservation.

From the bottom of this page, select Book Shore Excursions under Already Booked. Then access the Shop or Modify Shore & Land Excursions tab.

Please make sure that the correct information (last name, individual booking ID number (without extra spaces), ship and sailing date) is entered. The system will not respond if invalid information is submitted. The system will access your cruise itinerary when you click 'Submit'. Once you log in you can either view your Calendar or your Order History. Then you can e-mail, fax &/or print your Calendar or Order History details as confirmation of your Shore & Land Excursion reservation.

Should you have trouble seeing which tours you previously booked online please call our Shore Excursions Team on 01932 834325.
If I have already booked Shore Excursions and need to change my cruise dates, will my reserved Shore Excursions carry over automatically?
No, they will automatically be cancelled and it will be necessary to rebook your excursions.
What if all the Shore & Land Excursions I'm interested in are already sold out?
Unfortunately, it does happen that some of the more popular Shore & Land Excursions sell out. However, other guests also cancel their excursions from time to time. You should therefore check the website often. We recommend that you purchase all Shore & Land Excursions as early as possible after reserving your cruise. A limited number of places are reserved for sale onboard the ship.
What if I don't have a Cruise Reservation Number?
You can always browse our Shore & Land Excursions as a way to help you decide which of our exciting destinations you'd like to visit. However, in order to have a Cruise Reservation Number, you must first have reserved a cruise. If you have done so and still have not received a Cruise Reservation Number, please contact your Travel Agent or the person that assisted you with making your cruise reservation.
What if I need to make changes to my shore excursions once within 4 days of the sailing date?
In order to make any type of changes to your Shore Excursions within 4 days of your sailing date, you will need to visit the Shore Excursions/Explorations! Desk once on board the ship.
Can I pay for Shore & Land Excursions with more than one credit card?
Yes, you can pay with multiple credit cards. When you reach the billing section, simply select the option to pay with multiple credit cards and enter the required information.
Can I book a Shore Excursion for the day of disembarkation?
Yes, in many ports of call Shore Excursions have been designed for guests with late flights. Please verify your flight time prior to reserving this type of excursion online. Please note that all flights handled by Royal Caribbean International for fly/cruise guests are subject to space availability.  Air flight departures are not subject to tour requests.  However, the tour reservation is subject to flight departure cut-off times to airport schedules, as noted within the description.
Can I reserve a Shore & Land Excursion for guests travelling under a different reservation number from mine?
Yes, you can. You will need their reservation number to proceed with reserving their excursions.  You can select to add guests from another reservation number when you log in or when you select an excursion.

After reading the description, you can find the available times on the next screen when you click on 'Reserve Now'. The system will now bring up all guest names within the booking. Under the 'Select Guest' column, click/tick each box corresponding to the names of individuals who will be participating in the shore excursion. Click 'Add to Cart'. Click 'Continue'. At this time you can also include guests from other staterooms if you have their booking reservation number available.
Can I reserve Shore & Land Excursions through my Travel Professional?
Yes, your travel professional is equipped with the same information that you will find here and can help you decide which Shore & Land Excursions are right for you.