Choosing a Shore Excursion

What exactly are shore & land excursions?
Shore & land excursions are exciting tours, shows and other activities you can take advantage of while visiting various ports and cruisetour cities. Our excursion programmes are coordinated with reputable tour operators and cover all the 'must-see' sites and 'must-do' activities of your destination.

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Do I have to go on a shore excursion? What else can I do?
You are not obliged to book an excursion with Royal Caribbean International in order to leave the ship. Public transport is available at most ports. We suggest you visit your local library, bookshop or a relevant website to decide where you would like to go.

While on board the ship, all guests will be advised as to when they should be back on board the ship prior to sailing. Generally, the ship's all onboard time is scheduled approximately 30 minutes prior to sailing; this time should be verified once on board and will be posted near the ship's gangway. Please note that the ship will not wait for any guest travelling on their own, as it is the guest's responsibility to be on board before the ship's scheduled departure time.

Please be aware that we cannot offer any alternatives to Royal Caribbean International's established excursion programme. All Royal Caribbean International excursion programmes are coordinated with reputable tour operators and include a comprehensive overview of the most popular sites of interest. Royal Caribbean International will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person or property arising from guests choosing to tour the port on their own. Our excursions are an exciting, reliable way to enjoy the sights and activities our ports have to offer. If you choose to tour the port on your own, please use the same safety precautions you would in any urban or tourist area. We cannot validate or account for conditions that may not be suitable or safe for our guests. Please bear in mind that some ports have visa requirements and restrictions that may prevent you from venturing off on your own.
How do I request a Shore & Land Excursion brochure prior to my sailing?
We do not send out a separate printed Shore & Land Excursion brochure anymore but you can read more about our shore excursions or view shore excursions by port.

Guests visiting our website can now download and print a Shore & Land Excursion brochure up to 6 months prior to sailing (where available). The Shore & Land Excursion brochure is in Adobe PDF format and can be selected only by specific ship and sail date. The brochure contains all details of the tours available for your sailing; description of tour, how strenuous, duration, prices and timings. It can be viewed online, saved to your computer or printed if desired.

How do I search for excursions specific to my cruise itinerary?
Once you secure your individual reservation booking ID, you're then able to choose your excursions for each of your ports of call. To pre-book an excursion or simply review the exact tours available during your specific sailing, please follow these simple steps.

From the bottom of this page, select Book Shore Excursions under Already Booked. Then access the Shop or Modify Shore & Land Excursions tab.

Please make sure that the correct information (last name, individual booking ID number (without extra spaces), ship and sailing date) is entered. The system will not respond if invalid information is submitted. The system will access your cruise itinerary when you click 'Submit'.

Please note that shore excursions can only be pre-booked up until 4 days before sailing. Once within 4 days of the sailing date the system will be locked and any shore excursion bookings or cancellations will then have to be done onboard the ship.
How can I review Shore & Land Excursion options without purchasing a cruise?
Guests can browse all excursions within our programme. You can read more about our shore excursions or view the available excursions by port or destination.
How much time should I allow between excursions in a day?
It varies, based mainly on location. It is generally recommended that you allow at least an hour to get from one excursion to the next. When reserving excursions online on our website, the system will leave a 45-minute interval between the return of one excursion and departure of another excursion to account for unexpected delays. You will not be able to reserve excursions that fall within 45 minutes of each other, as it is considered an overlap by our system.
Are there different activity levels for Shore & Land Excursions?
To assist guests in choosing their Shore & Land Excursions, all tours have been graded according to the level of activity they entail.  Please refer to the symbols located at the bottom of each excursion title and appearing in each excursion description.  The symbols represent Mild/Moderate/Strenuous. See the types of shore excursions we offer.
How can I find out if a tour is too strenuous and more than I can handle?
To assist guests in choosing their Shore & Land Excursions, all tours have been graded according to the level of activity they entail. Please refer to the symbols located at the bottom of each tour title and appearing within each tour description. The symbols represent Mild/Moderate/Strenuous. In addition to this the description of the tour will often tell you approximately how much walking will be involved for the duration of the tour.
Do you offer cruisetours visiting further inland?
If you want to visit incredible inland cities like Paris or Anchorage, Alaska, try one of our exciting cruisetours. A cruisetour is a holiday package that includes a cruise and an escorted land tour. The land tour is taken before or after your sailing, with travel by deluxe motorcoach or train.